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Well Researched

“Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractic Adjustment) is the most studied form of treatment to date for low back pain”.

There is more evidence to support the use of manipulative (Chiropractic Adjustment) therapy for back pain than any other treatment”.

(From: “Clinical Anatomy and Management of Low-Back Pain” Edited by L. Giles MSc DC(C) PhD and K. Singer MSc PT. PhD)





Contemporary yet also ‘Time Tested’

Chiropractic uses a combination of up-to-date technologies and techniques. Significant amounts of research are on-going and continue to contribute to the development of the Chiropractic Spinal & musculoskeletal care knowledge base, the clinical results and approaches utilized.

Many of the natural tactile and manual therapies Chiropractors use have been ‘tried and tested’ over long periods of time. The Chiropractic profession has an accumulated history of over 120 years.

Some of tactile therapies and natural therapies have their roots that span many millenniums, and have been handed down since they emerged in societies at the dawn of human history eg. Ancient Egypt, Greece & China.

Social contribution to Health care

Many people are unaware of the significant contribution the Chiropractic profession has made to the health of the community and to educational standards in natural health care in Australia.

It was Chiropractic that led the way for many other natural health groups in Australia, and gave the freedom of choice to individuals, to seek natural health care options in Australia and throughout the Western world.