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Eltham Chiro & Sports Clinic


If you’re experiencing back issues, spinal tightness, neck problems or headaches, our Chiropractor clinic in Eltham is here to provide care. Dr. Shane Watterson has over 33 years of clinical ‘hands on experience’ treating and managing a range of muscular-skeletal problems including sciatica, migraine,  hip and lower limb joint pain, tennis and golfers elbow.


With a true passion for spinal and musculoskeletal care, for over two decades we have been providing care in the Eltham area. We take a holistic approach to managing different types of pain and spinal dysfunction with a strong focus on providing friendly, personalised care that is tailored to your needs. 


Whether you’re in need of regular spinal adjustments for pain management or experiencing an acute episode of low back, mid-back or neck pain, our North Eltham Chiropractic clinic is here with the aim of helping you achieve a better quality of life.

Chiropractor Services in Eltham 


Are you experiencing acute or chronic pain our North Eltham Chiro team are hear to help

We are experienced in treating a range of sport related injuries, mild to severe back pain and gluteal and hamstring pain. 


We use a combination of different approaches with our patients, with full spinal care (Lumbar, Thoracic & Cervical) often included in our treatment sessions. We also adjust the level of comfort for each individual patient. 


Our Eltham chiropactor provides care intergrating a range of therapies from soft tissue muscle technique including myofascial trigger point therapy to spinal adjustments.


Dr Shane Watterson

B.App. Sci. (Chiro) – RMIT university

Master's Degree (Animal Chiro) 


Experienced & Caring Chiropractor
Eight years university study in musculoskeletal care



Chiropractic care

  • Integrating and combining muscle and joint tactile & manual therapies
  • A chiropractor using gentle & deeper therapies that integrate Soft tissue muscle massage and Spinal joint mobilization & manipulation
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Family Chiropractic Care

Why choose us for your care

One of the primary reasons is that we provide a combination of Chiropractic spinal joint adjustments (Diversified manual, Activator & Drop piece)-intergrated with soft tissue massage. With the aim of increasing comfort & optimizing the effectiveness of treatment.


Full spine care - lumbar, thoracic, cervical care-often combined in each treatment session

We adapt the depth and intensity of the care to to the individual patient with the aim of optimizing comfort & recovery.


Combining Joint Adjustments with Soft Tissue Massage

Some patients prefer gentle styles of treatment while others like deeper therapies. We aim for care that is not too light & not too deep but just right for the individual patient.


Eight years university study in musculoskeletal care

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Soft tissue muscle & Myofascial Trigger Point therapy
  • Experienced chiropractor with a real passion for spinal & musculoskeletal care
  • Fully qualified & registered chiropractor with emphasis on spinal & musculoskeletal care
  • A chiropractor with 8 years university level qualifications B. App. Sci. (Chiropractic) & Masters (Animal Chiropractic)
  • A chiropractor providing friendly personalized care that is tailored to the individuals needs.
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